Our Mission - Beautiful Therapy worksheets for all!

Every therapy worksheet I have ever seen has been 1) ugly and 2) disjointed. The mission at Therapy Courses is to provide beautifully designed and well structured therapy worksheets for everyone.

The TC therapy worksheets could be from 40 to over 300 pages but every page guides you through to the next and includes the entire psychology course. When the exercise is not completely straight-forward we provide answer examples so you can see how you might interact with the questions.

All of the therapy workbooks on the course are evidence-based psychology and not some kind of snake oil tools. We also don't do generic psychology tools that are outdated.

At Therapy Courses it is our ultimate goal to have affordable psychology workbooks based on well studied types of therapy and for individuals and mental health workers to have beautifully designed handouts for clients.

Finally, Therapy Courses material is not a replacement for your supports. The more you add to your toolbox the less mental health will stop you from living the life you want.

Therapy Courses are extra tools, homework, or a side-kick. The Robin to your Batman (friends/family/therapy).