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EMDR Worksheets for Therapists - EMDR Workbook Inc. EMDR Scripts, Handouts for Clients, History Taking & Assessment

EMDR Worksheets for Therapists - EMDR Workbook Inc. EMDR Scripts, Handouts for Clients, History Taking & Assessment

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Take your EMDR sessions to the next level with the printable EMDR worksheet pdf bundle! Your new EMDR script, history taking and assessment forms with fantastic handouts for clients will save you a bunch of time and impress your clients.

Why Choose Our EMDR Bundle?

- EMDR Protocol: Steps 1-8 script. Guides you through the EMDR protocol step by step with space for client responses + a workbook for clients that takes them through window of tolerance, safe space, container, positive/negative thoughts etc.

-Seamless Sessions: Packed with detailed scripts, history-taking forms, client welfare/homework and procedural guides, this bundle ensures you have every resource at your fingertips for a smooth EMDR session.

-Dual Workbooks: Includes two tailor-made workbooks – one for the client to enhance their session engagement and one for the therapist to track progress and notes meticulously.

-Client Impressions: Impress clients with the professional, coherent layout and design of our materials, fostering a conducive environment for therapy.

-Meditation: Give your client access to a Therapy Courses original butterfly hug meditation. Allows them to practice this guided meditation at home.

Licence: This bundle can only be used by one therapist with clients. If you have a practice you need to purchase one file/therapist using the file. It is not to be distributed or sold.

Bundle Contents:

EMDR Session Scripts (4) (inc. 1-8 protocol)
Relaxation Techniques (butterfly hug, spiral, light etc)
Attachment style
Worst/Best Inventory
Client History Forms
Window of Tolerance Worksheets
Fight, Flight, Freeze
Printable Client Workbook (SUDS/safe place/negative-positive core beliefs + more)
Therapist Session Workbook (history, TICS, VOC + much more!)

Butterfly hug meditation

EMDR PDF download contains:

- 2X PDF workbook - 1 with provider forms + 1 with client handouts + 11 PDF worksheets for scripts etc
- 1 x cognitive distortion flashcards pdf

- 1 x mp3 
- 8.5 x 11 inches (approx A4)
- Print ready

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