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Social Skills Training for ADHD - 190+ Page ADHD Workbook

Social Skills Training for ADHD - 190+ Page ADHD Workbook

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Social Skills Training for ADHD

Comprehensive ADHD Workbook focusing on social skills - 197 Pages + Flashcards | Essential Guide for Personal & Therapeutic Use.


Transform social interactions with our in-depth Social Skills Training for ADHD. This essential guide, spanning 197 pages, is tailored for both individuals navigating ADHD and therapists dedicated to aiding their journey. It serves as a rich resource for developing vital social skills.


If you intend to use this workbook with clients please choose the "therapist" license. This gives you permission to use as many clients as you want. Not for resale.

Key Highlights of Our Workbook:

  • Rich Educational Content: Our workbook is brimming with practical exercises and worksheets, making it suitable for a wide spectrum of learning needs for adults & teens in social skills for ADHD development.
  • Engaging Role-Play Activities: Enhance learning with 5 innovative role-playing games for ADHD adults, accompanied by easy-to-use, printable flashcards, to bring lessons to life.
  • Research-Driven Techniques: The tools and strategies in our guide are based on the latest findings in ADHD and social skills training, ensuring effective and modern practices.
  • Focused Self-Assessment: Utilize our comprehensive quizzes to identify your social strengths and areas for growth, providing a personalized skill-building experience.

Unique Features of Our Guide:

Our guide stands out as the most all-encompassing resource available in this field. It is meticulously designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and intermediate learners, as well as for therapists. This workbook methodically guides you through the best social skills enhancement techniques, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their social interactions.

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Workbook Chapters:

-Understanding Social Skills
-Active Listening Skills
-Verbal Communication
-Non-verbal Communication
-Managing Impulsivity
-Social Cues
-Group Dynamics
-Emotional Intelligence
-Maintaining Relationships
-Future Progress

Included in Your Purchase:

  • A Detailed Social Skills Workbook (197 Pages)
  • Printable and Cuttable Flashcards for Role-Play Games
  • Comprehensive Self-Assessment Quizzes
  • Available for Instant ADHD Workbook PDF Download

This workbook is an ideal tool for those undergoing therapy, educators in classroom settings, or anyone on a self-improvement journey with ADHD. It’s more than just a guide; it’s a pathway to developing stronger social connections and confidence.

If you have any issues please reach out.

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