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TF-CBT for Adults - TF-CBT Workbook for Adults, Trauma Focused CBT Workbook for Adults

TF-CBT for Adults - TF-CBT Workbook for Adults, Trauma Focused CBT Workbook for Adults

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Trauma Focused CBT Workbook for Adults

Introducing our digital resource - the TF-CBT Workbook for Adults. This comprehensive guide is specifically designed to aid individuals grappling with PTSD and trauma, as well as therapists seeking effective, evidence-based tools for their clients.

Our trauma focused CBT workbook for adults (handouts) is brimming with 70+ pages of easy-to-follow exercises rooted in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) techniques. It also includes two 4-minute mindfulness CBT meditations to enhance your therapeutic journey. Each exercise is paired with beautifully designed worksheets, making the process of navigating through trauma not only therapeutic but also engaging.

As a bonus, we're offering a free pack of cognitive distortion flashcards with every purchase. Valued at $12, these flashcards are a valuable tool for recognizing and challenging cognitive distortions, and they're yours for free!

Whether you're a therapist seeking to equip your clients with effective strategies or an individual embarking on a personal healing journey, our workbook provides a structured and supportive pathway towards recovery.

If you are a therapist/mental health worker please choose the "therapist" license. This gives you permission to use the workbook with as many clients as you want. Not for resale.

Key Features:

  • 70+ pages of detailed TF-CBT therapy exercises in PDF format
  • Two mindfulness CBT meditations in MP3 format
  • A set of cognitive distortion flashcards
  • Easy-to-follow examples for each exercise
  • Beautifully designed, engaging worksheets
  • Evidence-based techniques
  • Ideal for individuals dealing with PTSD and trauma, and therapists working with such clients
  • Instant digital download format for immediate access

Embark on your healing journey today with our Trauma Focused CBT Workbook for Adults.

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